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We like to move it, move it

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013


At the end of May, Firefall Pro moved from our Chelsea office to 88 Pine, nestled on the East River waterfront in the southern tip of Manhattan. It was an arduous task to relocate all the Nerf guns, alcohol, and computers (including a collection of ancient Apple products that would have made Steve Jobs jealous), but we pulled through somehow. Even the severe rain and biblical flooding could not stop us from reaching our destination!

moving company

The new location offers a bevy of modern conveniences such as “personal space,” “windows,” and “air conditioning.” Another advantage is our increased available personnel capacitythe days of playing musical chairs in a small enclosed room are finally over!

unpack cats

We will miss many things about the Chelsea neighborhood and the building, such as eating at Johnny’s Luncheonette and occasionally being trapped in the old office elevators; however, the breathtaking views and unlimited free drinks will help us through this tough transitory period.


Things are heating up!
-Firefall Pro

The Firefall Pro

Tuesday, March 14th, 2006

In our first installment of the Firefall Pro Drink Guide, we’ll cover the drink crafted by myself, and popularized by Firefall Pro alumni Sean Hayes. Without further ado, the “Firefall Pro.”

Directions: Start out with two parts of vodka. Then you very carefully stir in one part vodka. Next top it off with a final three parts vodka. No garnish. Serve chilled, or numb.


Yuengling Sighting in NYC

Tuesday, October 25th, 2005

It may be due to my ignorance, but I was almost certain that it was impossible to find Yuengling outside of PA. That was until it drove past me on 3rd Ave yesterday. My first instinct was to run after the truck and see if I could order a case, but then I realized I’d have to carry it or drink it on the sidewalk. No one was around to help, and the truck was now more then a block away.

I hope I see it again sometime, possibly in a bar, or in my hands. Either way I have renewed hope. Maybe Aniel will finally be able to get his medicine here instead of having to going back to Philadelphia.