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We like to move it, move it

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013


At the end of May, Firefall Pro moved from our Chelsea office to 88 Pine, nestled on the East River waterfront in the southern tip of Manhattan. It was an arduous task to relocate all the Nerf guns, alcohol, and computers (including a collection of ancient Apple products that would have made Steve Jobs jealous), but we pulled through somehow. Even the severe rain and biblical flooding could not stop us from reaching our destination!

moving company

The new location offers a bevy of modern conveniences such as “personal space,” “windows,” and “air conditioning.” Another advantage is our increased available personnel capacitythe days of playing musical chairs in a small enclosed room are finally over!

unpack cats

We will miss many things about the Chelsea neighborhood and the building, such as eating at Johnny’s Luncheonette and occasionally being trapped in the old office elevators; however, the breathtaking views and unlimited free drinks will help us through this tough transitory period.


Things are heating up!
-Firefall Pro

Vine Videos Set a World Record

Monday, June 10th, 2013

Mashable and RED recently teamed up in a world-wide initiative to bring awareness to the fight against AIDS by setting the first-ever Vine world record. All of the entries are accessible via VineViewer, the ultimate search tool for vines. VineViewer is the easiest way to search for Vines, and the Red World Record theme makes us love it that much more!

Users from all over the world submitted Vine videos with the hashtag #REDworldrecord of themselves wearing something red, showing something red, or even speaking out for the cause, e.g. “Together we can fight AIDS!”

Over the course of 24 hours, Vine videos were tallied up using RecordSetter and the world record was set for the most Vine videos submitted for a social cause. Hooray, internet friends — you (we) did it!

Check out more results of these initiatives at VineViewer and let us know which is your favorite Red World Record Vine! Here’s our favorite: