Update to Contest

We recently received a request from Todd Greenberg of tbgdesign4u.com regarding our illiteracy contest due to our satirical commentary of his website. To comply with his request we’ve removed all references to his site from the offending post.

It was rather unfair of us to poke fun at his site, instead of just clearly laying out what qualified him for our “illiteracy award”. So, to be fair we’ll explain exactly what happened.

We’ve had numerous problems in the past with receiving unsolicited requests to Craig’s List job listings that we post. Thankfully they provide a flag that lets us identify the post as one that should not be contacted for commercial interests. Unfortunately that flagging goes ignored by some.

To help reduce the amount of spam we get, years ago we instituted a policy where in the bottom of each job post we warn anyone that contacts us about something that is clearly a solicitation and not an application that we’d take action. We even provided examples of what would happen incase there was any ambiguity.

Thus began our Illiteracy Contest. Named that way, because not only would the respondent have ignored the Craig’s List flag, violating their terms of use, but also not understood meaning of the post itself. In addition they’d have to ignore the stern warning at the bottom.

Todd Greenberg of tbgdesign4u.com was one of several entities that contacted us through a Craig’s List job post and offered us commercial services. The exact kind of services flagged against in the post and listed out in the warning at the bottom.

So, if you’re looking for commercial website services, such as SEO, and other web related design, check out Todd Greenberg of tbgdesign4u.com. Also if you have a moment, google “tbgdesign4u.com forum” and take note of the forum posts and profiles that have links back to his website. I believe thats what SEO people call “relevance building.”

We hope Todd Greenberg of tbgdesign4u.com can help you, just like he tried to help us by responding to our post.

4 Responses to “Update to Contest”

  1. todd says:

    I see you decided to continue to drag this out even further.

    This new post is actually even worse than the first one.

    I will take the necessary legal actions.

    I have already sent your hosting company of this very unprofessional manner and notified the other necessary entities.

    You have made your point. Rather than continue for me to go down this road i respectfully ask that you take all these posts down immediately and i will take no further action against you.


  2. Katie says:

    Amazing. Todd is a winner.


  3. Anonymous says:

    only if you were a programmer would you have the right in attempting to establish a professional relationship with “FireLight LLC”

    You did this to yourself. Here is an example of some basic HTML which if you knew would have given you a reason to contact this company..try opening this up on your browser.


    See what that says!

  4. A Smart Guy says:

    This is actually pretty unprofessional of you guys, nobody in their right mind would want to work for your company.