Our lovely new addition to the office, Norman the Narwhal. Sometimes he wanders around the office in a drunken stupor –looking for people who are willing to listen to him mumble incoherently about his love-hate relationship with Charlie the unicorn (after all, Charlie is far more handsome and less plump) or  even topics as far-fetched as the internet’s infatuation with cat memes over narwhal memes. And, sometimes…oh who are we kidding– all of the time, he’s typically whimpering in a corner over his lack of narwhal fame. Even in his states of sobriety, he manages to maneuver his plump self into some section of the office in order to cause havoc.

Seriously, who isn’t turned on by LOLcats’ repertoire of sexy one-liners? But narwhals…narwhals…well, they’re a different type of breed. Unique. Whimsical. Plump. Perhaps less cute, but always bringing with them a good time.

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