Latest Illiteracy Contest Winners (, 369 Interactive Solutions)

As some of you may know, we here at Firefall Pro hate when people don’t read. We especially despise those who solicit us even when we explicitly say not to. So without any further ado I present the winners of this round’s illiteracy contest:

Our first winner is Emiliano Sanchez of Emiliano writes us explaining how he’s, “a real person, trying to make a sincere dollar”. I’m assume he means by spamming Craig’s List. I think his website alone serves as a good enough deterrent.

That soccer ball is animated. No really it is.

369 Interactive Solutions

Honorable mention goes to 369 Interactive Solutions, they’ve got a mostly broken website but their letter wasn’t a mine field of misspellings, just a variety of font sizes.

I’d like to thank everyone that participated in our illiteracy contest. Matt pointed out that we should put up more Craig’s List ads just to get more of these excellent submissions.

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