WordPress Auto-Update Fails via FTP

WordPress auto update has never worked properly for us and we’ve been forced to do them manually. After doing a bunch of manual updates to 3.1, I noticed 3.1.1 was available. I was not ready to manually update them all again and went in search of a fix.

Most forums contained awful solutions, like setting permissions to “777”, or increasing the max execution time, all things you’re not supposed to do. Some blog posts offered more reasonable solutions, like removing the “/wp-content/”upgrade folder. I finally stumbled across one that mentioned WordPress not working properly with Pure-FTPd, but their solution was to switch the FTP server to ProFTPd. They hinted that WordPress is trying to access incorrect paths via FTP, which was confirmed by looking at the FTP log.

I hoped that changing the FTP_BASE would fix the problem, but that didn’t help. Nor did clearing the upgrade folder, or the ill-advised increasing max_execution and memory_limit. Unwilling to switch the FTP server, I searched a little longer and finally found a real solution in the form of a plugin, FTP Upgrade Fix. Supposedly this fix will be included in WordPress 3.2, but why it hasn’t already is maddening.

Since installing the FTP Upgrade FIx plugin we’ve been able to update at least 6 blogs without any problem.

4 Responses to “WordPress Auto-Update Fails via FTP”

  1. Kate says:

    WordPress goes from bad to worse,

    I am seriously thinking of moving my blogs to blogger.

    The last update 3.1 did’nt upload images to the gallery, now its decided to.

    Now WordPress does not upgrade some error o0n a line.

    In one of my blogs I habve no catagory for posts down the right side.

    Just who is doing these new versions…they stink.

    Yes in screen options I have catagories ticked.

  2. Kate says:

    Typos, sorry.

    I am really annoyed….and hungry lol

  3. Scott P. says:

    Failing to upload sounds like improper permissions on your upload folder or a path configuration issue. The FTP plugin was only required on some servers to get auto-update working properly and isn’t needed anymore in 3.2.

  4. Kate says:

    I can ask my host about auto update

    The image uploader is fine the last few days. I di’nt change anything, neither did host it just mended itself.

    Thanks for the reply.