Full Window Flash With Minimum Dimensions – Updated

Several years ago we came up with a solution for “full window” Flash that maintains a minimum width and height, without requiring JavaScript in modern browsers. Thanks to the feedback of several users we restored Chrome compatibility. At the same time we simplified the CSS, created a landing page, hosted example, downloadable package, and re-certified it in all major browsers, even IE 5.

In our testing we also came across swffit and SWFForceSize. Both of these JavaScript only solutions can be replaced by ours in most cases with better compatibility and less fragility. Our solution primarily relies on CSS, and only uses JavaScript in IE 6 or less.

The original article “Full Window Flash (With Minimum Dimensions), Done Right” is now it’s own page. The original article is still useful for a procedural explanation on how we came up with the solution and what each part of it does. The inline examples have not been updated to reflect the new code, instead refer to the standalone page.

Please post any comments, suggestions or problems here.

2 Responses to “Full Window Flash With Minimum Dimensions – Updated”

  1. Giorgio says:

    Hello, and thanks for the article. Is possible to change dinamically the size of the content div (i.e. via javascript)? Thanks for the help.

  2. Scott P. says:

    You could, but that would stop it from automatically being the size of the window. You’d probably want to instead change the size of the window.