In Loving Memory

Today is a day that will forever be known as the day the beloved Lord of Bacon died. The Pig aka Jumba aka Mayo has passed away. We know that he is in a better place where he can enjoy bbq and beefalo in endless quantities. The Pig may be gone but he will never be forgotten. So today in honor of him, please raise a glass and a bacon sandwich to his memory.

Pig, you will be forever in our hearts.

6 Responses to “In Loving Memory”

  1. Athena says:

    02/11/2011 – New national holiday in honor of the Pig 🙁

  2. Steve Marchesani says:

    He’s somewhere wonderful where whale meat isn’t endangered and illegal. My condolences; RIP heavy cat.

  3. Scott P. says:

    He’ll be missed by many (especially Kenta). My sweetest Pig.

  4. purva says:

    i will miss you jumbo 🙁

  5. Aaron says:

    OMG WTF 🙁 RIP….