Interns are Awesome – Part III

A note from our former intern Dylan on his experience at Firefall Pro.


I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. The email got buried in my inbox and I forgot about it.

Firefall really was a fun place to work. It had a laid back environment where you can do/learn as much as you’re willing to take on. I personally got to try my hand at several new programming languages for both front and backend development. I also got to work on various projects from core PHP libraries to corporate webpages. The pace did seem a little fast at times but Scott was always willing to answer my questions or give an impromptu lesson. I learned more about web development over that summer than I did the previous four years getting my CS degree.

Again, I’m sorry this is so late. Hope you guys find it useful and that everything is going well.

And in a subsequent email for the sake of self-aggrandizement and because I’m uber awesome:

On a side note, I think you are easily the best HR (please don’t be insulted if that’s not actually your position) person I’ve ever dealt with. I’ve had to wait weeks if not months to hear from every company I’ve dealt with since this summer. It’s really refreshing to have conversations in real time.


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