Interns are Awesome – Part II

Another letter regarding our internship program has arrived!!! Let us bask in the glory.

My experience at Firefall Pro surpassed all my expectations and probably redefined them altogether. I came in with that fresh-intern-meat readiness to learn and eagerness to work, but I didn’t stop to think about what kind of experience I was looking for until I had already started at Firefall Pro. Everyone was friendly but honest, positive but realistic, and as likely to make fun of themselves as they were of me. Ok fine, a little more likely to make fun of me, but the point is I could have been stuck with a floor full of dead beat baby boomers and I wasn’t. They welcomed me not only to the world of web development but also to the great city of New York with a rough sense of sarcasm on a foundation of good will… oh and they converted me to Mac. I feel enlightened.



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