U.S. States CSV / SQL

I needed a mySQL table containing the common names of the U.S. States and their two letter abbreviations. I quickly Googled and couldn’t find anything. Maybe I didn’t search long enough. All I found was a Wikipedia article that listed them.

I grabbed the contents, formatted them with BBEdit to a CSV and imported them into mySQL. Just so no one else has to do that, here you go: state.csv, state.sql

Hope this helps someone.

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    Very handy, thanks!

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  5. Spoom says:

    Hi Scott,

    Found your list quite useful. I added Canadian provinces for a site I’m working on so I figured I would post it here.

    “British Columbia “,”BC”
    “New Brunswick”,”NB”
    “New Foundland”,”NL”
    “Northwest Territories”,”NT”
    “Nova Scotia”,”NS”
    “Prince Edward Island”,”PE”
    “Yukon Territory”,”YT”
    “New Hampshire”,”NH”
    “New Jersey”,”NJ”
    “New Mexico”,”NM”
    “New York”,”NY”
    “North Carolina”,”NC”
    “North Dakota”,”ND”
    “Rhode Island”,”RI”
    “South Carolina”,”SC”
    “South Dakota”,”SD”
    “West Virginia”,”WV”

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    Thanks. This page is the first result in Google for “us states list csv”, by the way.

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    Thanks. Just what the doctor ordered. Let me know if we can return the favor to you sometime.

  10. tbone says:

    http://www.Broomfield-Designers.com thanks you for the custom code. We needed cities too…..

    For cities, we used this.
    Gov’t census data by state. Cut out the first row from each one for the city data. Add them as you need them. Alabama is 461 cities for instance.


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