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Re: Job Opening

Saturday, June 17th, 2006

Ok, if you’re going to send me a resume, or e-mail containing one, for your own well being at least spell check it. I posted the job opening on Cragislist, and the resumes have started coming in. With it has been a mixture of valid candidates, and those who obviously aren’t trying. For example, graduating from a state or community college is not the perfect reason for being qualified for the position. That’s what experience is for. Also sending the entire message in the same font and size is preferred. Who want’s to get an obvious copy and paste job.

Another key thing is not immediately stating that you’re qualified to work in the U.S. Normally I’d assume any applicant was qualified to work here, but saying you are makes me think you’re trying to compensate for not actually being able to. Applying for a job that centers around details is not the ideal place to reveal how inconsistent you can be. That’s what retail positions are for.

In short, congratulations to those applicants who know what spell check is, and how to use it. Taking a few extra moments not to do something stupid is worth it. Those people actually get interviews, and to the rest of you, learn how to say, “what kind of drink would you like with that.”