mini 4 sale

When we set up the company, we bought a batch of mac minis to get running. They perform admirably, and I’ve been pleased with them.

However, I’ve been offered a g5, and would like to sell one of the minis to pay for it. The mini is a 1.25ghz machine with 512MB of ram, in box. It’s running 10.4.5 with the stock 40GB hard drive. It’s got the Radeon 9200, with 32MB ram.

In addition, I’ll no longer need my dualhead2go. (I wrote about the setup previously at This thing has been great, but the powermac has dual outputs built in. I have the box for the dualhead2go as well.

I’d like to get $400 for the mini and $120 for the dualhead2go, but first fair offer takes them. Sold separately or together. Tell your friends!


EDIT: I changed my mind. I’m keeping the mini, and all your base are belong to me. Too.

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