dualhead2go woes

So at this point 2 people have contacted me with difficulties getting their dual monitor setups working. I have a good number of details from one, but very few from the other. For the fearful, the monitors which do not appear to “just work” are the Dell E196FP, and Samsung Syncmasters.

However, for me the setup still works fine. For people who bought it but are having some trouble with it, the settings I’m using are below. No guarantee they’ll work for you, however:

Pixel Clock: 168.91MHz non-interlaced
Active: 2560H, 1024V
Front Porch: 24H, 1V
Sync Width: 32H, 12V
Back Porch: 24H, 29V
Scan Rate: 63.981H, 60.02V
Scale to: 0H, 0V
Positive Sync: H – Yes, V – No

Both of my monitors are able to sync properly to this signal. If this doesn’t work, try experimenting with the settings. The vertical scan rate should really be as close as possible to 60Hz, any higher, and the dualhead2go starts producing very lossy pictures, any lower and the monitors have a difficult time syncing. The sync width and porches are the primary modifiers here.

Unfortunately without an oscilloscope I can’t see exactly what the adapter is doing versus what normal output should look like, so it really boils down to try, try again. However, I have confidence that there is some setup that will work for everybody.

If anyone has any info or questions, please feel free to contact me.

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