Why is Blogger so angry?

The transfer was complete, but Blogger was real pissed about something. Every time I tried to make a post or republish the blog I’d get this error: 001 java.net.ConnectException: Connection timed out/archive/2006_02_01_archive.html. Only one folder would end up being created, after about 10 minutes of 0% progress.

After filing a support request with both Blogger and Network Redux, the latter was able to determine it was some sort of side-effect of using our domain name, versus our static IP. This is now the second time that having a static IP has bailed us out.

Thomas Brenneke, of Network Redux believes it could have something to do with Blogger having a bad cache of our domain name. Blogger was able to create the archives folder each time, but failed on everything else. This might have something to do with the logic Blogger uses to determine base paths for automatic links, like those in the “Previous Posts” section on the main page.

Blogger hasn’t gotten back to me yet, so I’m still unsure as to what the exact cause was. For now I’m content to using the IP address with Blogger. Though it would be nice to know what happened. If they respond, I’ll be certain to update this post.

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