Living with iBiz [Updated]

Now that I’m forced to live with iBiz I’m going to create a running list of the bugs I find. My hope is that the developer will be spurred on to fix these issues if they are publicly displayed. This list will be updated as new bugs are discovered.

  • Changing the name / class, of an event resets the time log. (2006/01/12)
  • While iBiz uses the data format set in system, it clips long dates in the info panel and there is no way to resize the columns or panel. (2006/01/12)
  • When moving an event, such as changing it’s order among the list of events, or changing the “Job Event” field, the event’s “Log” is cleared. (2006/01/03) Fixed 2.4.9
  • Client checkboxes do not retain their state across relaunches in iBiz Server. (2006/01/03) Fixed 2.4.9
  • A client in the “Client’s” pane may remain bolded even if all active timers have been stopped on all copies of iBiz. This persists even if the client is deselected and then reselected. (2006/01/03)

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