Interoffice Communication

From Tin Cans, to Retardation

New York, NY, Firefall Pro employees discover a new method of short signal communication. “Gone are the days of tin-cans and string,” remarked Aniel Sud, after untangling himself from a mess of headphone wires. “I can talk into friggin microphone, no wait, earphone. Wait, headphone, is that right? And Aniel can hear me,” proclaimed Dan, loudly and unintelligibly.

“These two have ushered in a transformation in the way we will communicate here at Firefall Pro,” announced Scott Park. “We used to just yell and grunt at each other, but now we have an advanced method of communication, that transcends the intarweb and all other mediums.”

With this leap forward in technology the company foresees being bought by major intarweb player google. Expert in the field, Dan Cuconati (pictured above, right) said, “with this influx of capital we will be able to purchase much larger earphones, and expand our R&D.”

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