You can’t go home, and you can’t stay here

I’ve been waiting to take the plunge and switch to Studiometry from iBiz, but a few things have been holding me back. So far my use of Studiometry has been on very basic level. It’s not the easiest thing to pick up because it appears to have a ton of functionality. Its interface is a concise but achieves this by using a layered approach. I think there is some HCI rule against hiding things from the user, but then again a main window can only be so large. Given it’s complexity I’ve been reduced to reading the help pages just so I don’t gloss over less then obvious features. So far it looks like it can do some really useful stuff.

It’s when I began trying out some of these nifty features that I started seeing some bugs. If I remember correctly I was supposed to be getting away from this by getting rid of iBiz. So far I’ve found a few issues with the Apple Address Book synchronization. After watching it wipe out the notes I had in some of my contact cards, I decided that it is best to avoid this functionality all together. Then I found a crasher when trying to use the “Time Sheet Entry” option without any projects created. That was unnerving. As clarified by their tech support, I was trying to use that feature in an unusual way. Unusual or not, it still crashed.

I would like to wait till the issues I noticed are resolved, but as long as the software doesn’t loose data and make awful mistakes it’s better then what I’m working with now. The most important stuff is the core functionality, hopefully I won’t find any quirks there.

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