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Evolution of the Hobby

Monday, November 21st, 2005

I wasn’t feeling well on Thursday afternoon. As a programmer this is disastrous. It’s impossible to write code when you’re not alert. You don’t have to be sober, but you need to have at least some cognitive function. Knowing that I was virtually useless for next few hours, possibly the rest of the day, I might as well waste it on something interesting.

Jon, who had to already know what was going to transpire, lead me to a hobby store that he encountered while walking to work one day. Once we got there I began questioning the owner as to what was the best device for indoor flight, leaving the part out about wanting to hit Aniel with it. After telling the owner what planes we’ve purchased in the past, and that they came from HobbyTron. He informs us that they are currently under suit by his son’s company for failing to pay for a large number of goods that they ordered. Supposedly they have been doing this with a lot of other suppliers and then settling to prevent their credit from being negatively impacted.

I’m not entirely sure if I believe the owner, but I don’t see why he would lie. I understand that HobbyTron has to be a direct competitor and is most likely gutting their business. However from the level of detail the owner provided, his remarks seem to be a little more then a careless jab. In the end HobbyTron has never really sold us anything that has flown. Aniel’s helicopter never made it very far without flipping over and blowing apart the blades. My plane, well that probably had as much to do with cheep design as it did with Jon being behind the controls. Aniel’s new plane was clearly not designed to be flown indoors or any semblance of a confined space. Believe me, we tried.

After listening to the owner talk about the crazy world of hobby, and being discouraged from purchasing an airplane because of it’s poor maneuverability, we were pointed to a helicopter that was supposedly suitable for my purpose. I say supposedly because I bought it only a few minutes later and hauled it back to the office. It cost about $250.00, moving us from the kindergarden class right into the intramural league.

So we got it back to the office, plugged in the charger, watched the included video and waited impatiently for it finish charging. Once it was charged I prepped the device for flight as indicated in the video and unintelligible manual. I put the remote on, plugged the battery in and pushed up on the throttle. The damn thing wouldn’t fly! It would even spin up. We franticly tried everything we could think of to get it going. Among this rush Jon was fussing with the remote as I’m idly sitting next to the craft waiting for a sign of life. He flips the remote off and it takes off, right for my crotch. Why it moved in that particular direction, I’ll never know, but what I did know was that it was out for my junk and in a hurry. Thanks to marvel of wheeled chairs I was able to roll far enough away for the helicopter to only hit my legs. Jon, out of nowhere, grabs it like a hawk carrying off a small pet in it’s talons. This was not a delicate grip.

Anyway, here I sit, days later with no helicopter. When we returned it I omitted the part about Jon trying to squeeze the juice out of it. Supposedly I’ll get it back tomorrow and they won’t have noticed the unusual wear. Aniel bought a different one on Friday, I’m sure he’ll post about that soon.

Live Long and Beat it #1!

Wednesday, November 16th, 2005

Today Jean-Luc “got it in”.

The roof, the roof, the roof is….

Monday, November 14th, 2005

We shouldn’t be allowed to have toys, at least ones that fly. Buying them has become almost a daily occurrence. So Aniel’s idea is to get ones that are confined to the ground. Though Dan remarked that it wouldn’t be long before we would be building ramps and trying to jump them over to neighboring buildings, or playing chicken on the ledge. Either way it’s going to lead to a 10 pound hunk of metal, plastic, and other stuff flying down 13 stories.

If anyone has a safer suggestion for things to occupy our downtime, please let us know by commenting on this post. We’d like to build something cool in order to gain fame and glory on Slashdot or Wired.

BYKWD (Bring Your Kitty to Work Day)

Friday, November 11th, 2005

I think Vicious was saying something at the time.

LJ users

Wednesday, November 9th, 2005

Now, my own guilty past includes the fact that I, in fact, have a livejournal. This is in no way nearly as bad as, for instance, having a xanga; but it’s bad enough.

However, I have many friends who also have LJ accounts, and in fact keep them regularly updated. Something fascinating I found upon my last visit was the fact that somebody, and I honestly don’t know who, but somebody hooked up a link from LJ to our Blogger feed. This means you can add firefallpro as a feed to your friends view, and get the updates you crave easily.

Also, that dashboard tool that Scott mentioned earlier? yeah that thinger only works about 50% of the time. Untrustworthy.

oh thanks guys

Monday, November 7th, 2005

What a wonderful birthday cake.

Rocking out with MaXtor

Friday, November 4th, 2005

MaXtor is the incredible manufacturer who provides the world with reliable OEM and retail drives, at a fraction of the cost of any other competitor. Each drive sold features a prominent disclaimer against any liability for failure or data loss. Their latest industry revolutionizing feature is a series of tones that are played when the drive has failed. This technology is essential when you absolutely need to be certain that your data is hopelessly gone, which as the label kindly reminds you is not MaXtor’s concern.

After a phone call with LaCie I learned that many others have also experienced the elusive death cry. Luckily the case is still under warranty. Unfortunately the replacement won’t likely come with a MaXtor brand drive that I’ve come to love and regularly dispose of.

It Sings to Me

Thursday, November 3rd, 2005

Why is it that the LaCie F.A. Porsche USB2 drive, sitting beside me, makes a series of tones when it powers on? I didn’t even know it had anything in it even close to a speaker. Why would someone even go through the trouble of putting one in?

Nevertheless, I’ve been walking around the office playing it’s sweet music to anyone I can find. Stupid drive. Thankfully it was only used for backup.