To The Roof

There is always something to be learned, especially about a $27.00 R/C airplane. One of the first things to note is that even though they claim you can fly it indoors, they most certainly mean in a gym or some other impossibly large enclosed space. The hope of a whisper quiet motor was replaced by the realization that it sounded more like a Dremel with styrofoam wings. So much for the element of surprise.

When I first saw it mentioned on SlickDeals I immediately envisioned the plane taking off from my desk, making a sharp u-turn and slamming into Aniel’s head. How wrong I was. I couldn’t even get the plane to fly straight down the hall without it flying into things at a seemingly high speed. Being constructed mostly out of styrofoam and other easily destroyed materials, we decided our only hope to fly this was, well, on the roof.

It was raining outside. We tried anyway. Electronics paired with water is always a tempting combination, and fortunately did not damage the plane permanently. Having little success and mounting fears of lasting damage we decided to wait for a better time to try to fly. A better time, equated to no rain, sometime later on that evening, after sundown.

Back on the roof the plane flew a little better, still just in a strait line. So we took turns trying to tame the beast, getting it to turn and not slam into obstacles that the roof presented us. Jon, who has an [expired] pilots license, decided to give it a try…

We looked everywhere for the plane. There was little else for it to have gone other then the street, after Jon briefly touched it down on the edge of the roof. I figured it might have survived the 12 story fall, or that maybe I’d get to see it reduced to a thin slime by a passing truck. Either option seemed like it would provide some form of satisfaction, had we found it.

I still have the remote as a reminder, either to buy better toys, or prohibit Jon from flying them. In the end the plane didn’t fair much better then Aniel’s ill fated helicopter.

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