New Hire

There’s a new kid in town. Dan has come on board to help us out with beta testing, and will hopefully move to development within a month.

Firefall has been expanding at an extremely rapid pace. When we started up, I had hoped to have a new employee – bringing the total to 4, by new years. At this rate, we will definitely outstrip that goal, most likely hitting 5 by early december.

The reason the expansion is important has to do with the industry we are in. Being primarily a services based company, our income is directly related to the number of manhours we can produce each week. If each employee is paid at a rate of, say, $30/Hr, but is billable at a rate of $60/Hr, that means that after overhead we can expect a profit spillover of around $20-25/Hr. This goes directly into the rainy day fund and to help cover debts.

Mathematically, all this is blatantly obvious. Psychologically, this becomes a fairly big deal. The fact of the matter is that as long as we can bring enough work in, there is direct weekly profit from every persson on board. Recently I’ve been envisioning the company as an engine. The more people we have working at a reasonable rate, the bigger the engine is. And clearly, there is no replacement for displacement.

In any case, welcome, Dan. and remember, resumes are always welcome at [email protected]

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